Here is what our happy customers have to say about us ​

“I LOVE THE BROUGHTON STREET DELI! Not only is their genuine Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich the very best I have tasted ANYWHERE, (including Montreal!) the friendly and efficient service I receive from the staff is unsurpassed. With a choice of three great homemade soups every day, and the very best peanut butter cookies money can buy, The Broughton Street Deli won’t be Victoria’s best-kept secret for much longer.”
Ian Cromack
“Diem’s eggs are cooked just right and the smoked meat as a change from bacon is a delicious touch!”
Tanya Anderson
“It's as comfortable as being in your own kitchen, but better, because someone else is doing the cooking. The mushroom soup is wonderful.”
The staff of Sunday's Snowflakes
“Great friendly service and super comfortable ambience, just like being at home. The best coffee and lattes we had this trip. Simple and tasty breakfast. We loved it so much we returned on our last day in Victoria.”
Jeff and Melissa, Edmonton AB
“The welcoming, friendly atmosphere is the second reason for visiting the Broughton Street Deli. The first is the peanut butter cookies! Even just the smell of them being baked. Yummy.”
Erica Hopkins
“Great sandwiches, great peanut butter cookies, great coffee and great service from this family-run Deli.”
Bruce Stuart, The Wine Barrel
“Amazing food and the best service I’ve had in years.”
Morgan Mills
“The Broughton Street Deli offers a great and very affordable service. We receive our orders on time and without any mix-ups. The quantity of the food is plentiful, the sandwiches are fresh and the sweet treats are always popular.”
Thanks Ton for the great service – Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
“I have been both a personal and business customer at The Broughton Street Deli for over 5 years. It is one of the best cafes in Victoria with one of the friendliest, most professional staff that always takes extra care to ensure we have everything we need. We have used Broughton Street Deli for both business breakfast and luncheons meetings and the food is always fresh. They also make the best peanut butter cookies in the world! Broughton Street Deli is fantastic!”
Shannon Drew-Burrows, Victoria Foundation
“Broughton Street Deli offers fresh trays of sandwiches and baked goods with a wide selection to choose from. The staff are friendly and professional. I would highly recommend their service.”
Barbara Lahde, Victoria Real Estate Board